Friday, May 22, 2009

A Month in Pictures...

*First of all, does anybody know why everything I write is underlined? It's very annoying!

State wrestling was on May 2nd this year. Jaxon wrestled great and ended up 3rd. It's a long story, but the refs SUCKED and Jaxon should have had the chance to wrestle more. That's not a mom's biased opinion...It's a fact and we have the video to prove it! We're taking the video to the guy in charge of Eastern Idaho Wrestling. Not to try and change anything because what's done is done, but we're hoping they will use the tape as an example when they train their refs. When you take your kid all the way to State, you expect them to have decent refs....they didn't.

This is Jaxon with one of his biggest rivals...and best wrestling buddies!
Owen Rogers and Jaxon
Jaxon with his intimidating tattoo!

Jaxon with his 3rd place medal!
We decided to take Trason's training wheels off, just to see if he was close to being ready. Was he ever! Roudy took off his training wheels, and Trason rode away. It's actually kind of scary and he's already wrecked and bounced his head off the concrete more than once. He's a wild man! I posted a video of him riding his bike right after we took the training wheels off, but for some reason it posted at the bottom of the screen.

I got to go on Jordy's field trip to the zoo with her preschool class. Here's Jordy and a couple friends riding the Tiger.

Jordy and some of her classmates

Jordy waiting to feed the goats
Jaxon fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm about a week ago. It really stinks because baseball is just starting and he's so good at baseball! Last year he played pitching machine and he was the youngest on his team...and the only person that didn't strike out the whole year. (A mom's allowed to brag, right?) Oh well, he's young. He's got a lot of years of playing baseball left!

Who needs a yearbook when everybody can sign your arm?
I'm sure he LOVED this! :)

Grandpa Joe putting his cast on

Getting ready to take the splint off and put on a hard cast.

Jordy on Preschool Graduation night

Jordy with her teachers, Miss Whitney and Miss Becky


Chy said...

WOW he did AWESOME on his bike! Coop is STILL working on the no training wheels thing :0/ Life looks good and CrAzY, poor Jaxon. I'm sure he will find other ways to keep you busy!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe he can ride already! Crazy kid. Poor Jaxon... stupid refs and a broken arm. I'm sure he's not letting a cast stop him much though ;) Jordy looks so cute at graduation.