Monday, November 16, 2009

My 5 For The Day

1. I'm thankful it's payday!! Who doesn't love payday?

2. I'm thankful for Roudy's family who came to I.F. over the weekend and showed us a great time! Seriously....Roudy's mom knows how to party. First we watched Shay's basketball game, then we went to the museum, then we went to Olive Garden, then we went to Barnes and Noble for Italian soda's, and then we went and saw "The Christmas Carol" at the movie theater, then we went to get a cinnamon roll at Mrs. Powell's, and then we went back to our house for a little dance party with the kids. The kids were on top of the world for a day! :)

3. I'm thankful for a great step aerobics teacher at the gym. After all of the partying we did over the weekend, I need somebody to whip me back into shape!

4. I'm thankful for my church calling. I know I complain about it a lot, but it really has been a blessing in my life. If nothing else, it gets me and the kids to church on the days I would much rather stay home in my p.j.'s......and I'm never sorry I went.

5. I'm thankful for a Saviour who knows us better than we know ourselves and knows what trials and what blessings we need in order to reach our full potential.


Kate Larsen said...

I am loving reading these. only 2 more weeks!