Monday, February 15, 2010

Jaxon's Baptism- February 6, 2010

I was ready to completely abandon my blog. I've missed so much and the thought of trying to catch up totally overwhelms me. So here's a quick update. Christmas was good. Jaxon's birthday was good. We sold all of the really cute puppies. Roudy's been having health problems for about a month. I turned 28. Jaxon got baptized. Roudy turned 37 (It's almost time to trade him in for two twenties!) Valentines Day was good, but it marks a YEAR of me asking for nothing more than a love note....and still not getting one. (Yep...still nagging, babe.) I'm not even going to try and post all the pictures from the last couple months, but I am going to post some pictures from Jaxon's baptism so I don't forget this special day.

Jaxon in his new suit that Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mie got him. So handsome!

The proud parentsJaxon was baptized by his Grandpa Ray

Jaxon was confirmed by his Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe and Uncle Josh were the witnesses
Jaxon got his very own set of scriptures
And, of course, his scripture case had to be camouflage!All of the kids from the Anderson side
Jordyn, Haylie, Jace, Jaxon, Jozlyn, Madison, and Trason

Jaxon's great-grandparents- Sharon and Claude Storer


also known as shell said...

congrats to Jaxon. and hope that roudy will get better soon... I can't believe he's 37... no way... he looks 31-32 tops. and you are looking muy petite!

The Halls said...

What a special day for Jaxon! I cannot believe you have an 8 year old???

Chy said...

I can't believe he is 8...thats so crazy! I looks like is was a special day with lots of family there to share it with.

Beckie said...

Glad to hear you haven't abandoned your blog--

Hey the tire story -- where is that place-- send me an email and tell me where to go-- we need new tires! Too expensive!