Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a great Halloween this year! We took the kids to the church for trunk or treat at 6:00, then went to the gay neighbors house (we don't discriminate when candy is involved!), went to a few other neighbors house, went to Grandparents and then hit a neighborhood that has houses close together. We trick or treated for 3 hours and by the end the kids had to have Roudy hold their bags because they were so full!

Remember when you were a kid and the best part of trick or treating was coming home and dumping your goods onto the floor and seeing what you got? Then you could eat it all at once or hide it and eat it little by little. The candy was YOURS and you didn't have to share. Well, Roudy took that away from our kids. I came home today and he had "organized" the candy. He had the sugary stuff like sweet tarts and skittles in one bag, chocolate in another, etc... He even opened all the little packages of Milk Duds and Whoppers and put them in their own bag. He was so proud. What a loser. Now the kids don't have their very own candy bags to go through. 20 years from now the kids will bring this up in therapy..........

Our Little Family
Grandma Gay Lyn and Papa Ray with the Munchkins
The "Strawberry" Grandma and Grandpa with the Kids
*My grandpa grows an amazing garden, so they are the "strawberry grandparents"
Me and Lover Boy at Trunk or Treat
(I know I look like hell. Did I mention I have Pink Eye?)
Trason as "The Incredible Hulk"
Jordy Sue as "Dorothy" with Toto, Ruby Red Slippers, and all
Jaxon as a "Star Trooper"
All my little Monsters


Woods: said...

Darling darling! I love the HULK; he is looking pretty scary in that stance. Star Trooper's got a big gun...steer clear. And Dorothy? To die for in those ruby reds! So much fun! We got way too much candy too and unfortunately I'm eating all of it! :)P.S. Sorry about that crappy pink eye! That is really lame! How long will you have to deal with that?!

Murray Family said...

Love the costumes!! That's so cute your kids call grandma and grandpa the strawberry grandparents. haha! So Roudy's bag-system totally cracked me up. Quite the organizer!

Sorry you're still dealing with pink eye. It sucks. Your mom looks great! I miss her. Tell her hi for me.

Chy said...

The kids look cute or should I say scary boys and cute Jordy;0) NICE joke you texed me...that was a good one;0) Hey I have those scrubs your moms wearing... folded up in a box. I just cant throw them away, someday I'll go back to school and have a real job ...someday. Today I just get to love my kiddos, best job ever.

The Sommer Family said...

Cute kids! I have had pink eye before and it sucks. is gymnastics treating you? I saw your cute picture up in the gym. So how many classes do you teach? We are there on Tuesdays. Fun stuff! So...does Roudy organize your house like that? If so that is awesome, if not, tell him to get to work...he is gifted!