Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jaxon's Surgery

Jaxon had his tonsils and adenoids out this morning at E.I.R.M.C. We're all glad it's over! Jaxon has been very nervous about the procedure and so has mom. Everything went well and Jaxon's excited to do nothing but watch movies and play the Wii for the next few days! The fact that he gets all the ice cream, Popsicles, Gatorade, and Sprite he wants doesn't hurt, either!

Jaxon getting his vitals taken at 5:45 am.
Jaxon in his sweet hospital clothes!
He's feeling pretty good, now! This was after they gave him his Versed
After the surgery- not feeling so great now!
Finally, going home!

Roudy has always done this thing to Jaxon where he kisses his two fingers and then taps his chest and then points at Jaxon. (I guess Sammy Sosa used to do it after he hit a home run?) Well, it totally embarrasses Jaxon and he'll never do it back to Roudy. We thought we'd take advantage of the fact that Jaxon was drugged and totally silly and have him do it. In the video, he gets so confused and can't remember how to even do it! Turn down your volume so you don't have to listen to my stupid laugh- remember it was 6:30 am! The second video is the funniest because he kisses his fingers and then raises his eyebrows like "Hey baby"!


Amy said...

It looks like his surgery went well. Bracken had his out when he was 5 and after the surgery was TERRIBLE! He couldn't swallow because it hurt, so we ended up staying at the Surgical Center for HOURS! It stunk! I hope recovery goes well for you, Bracken didn't stay down long and I'm sure Jaxon won't either. :)It is great to not have to worry about strep throat...2 years free :)

Chy said...

Wow lots going on at the Kellers house! I hope Jaxon enjoys all the cold treats he can get. Christmas looked like lots of fun :0)

Murray Family said...

Those videos were so funny! I'm glad it all went well. Looks like you guys had a way fun Christmas and birthday party!

Beckie said...

You are a busy lady! That video is too funny! and the picture after he got the versed-- even funnier-- kids are hilarious!HOpe all goes well! and sounds like you got to enjoy some hospital food- uhg!

Stephens Family said...

ah, versed.....bad memories. : ( glad his sugery went well. that is always hard!!