Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Short (much needed) Getaway

My cousin got married yesterday in Utah, so we went a little early and took the kids to Lagoon for a few hours. They had never been there before and LOVED it.

This was Trason's pose every time he got on a ride! There was one ride that would go up high and then let the kids free fall. I went on it with the kids and it was by far the best kids ride I'd ever seen. Jaxon was hanging on for dear life and bawling and Trason was holding his hands up above his head and laughing hysterically. Since he wouldn't hold on, he kept bouncing his head off the safety bar, but he didn't care- he was not going to hold on! (Keep in mind his 6 year old brother had a death grip on the safety bar and thought his life was coming to an end!) Trason is such a dare devil- I'm scared! He will probably be the one I always have in the ER! My nice girl.
Jaxon and my little brother, Jace, having a blast!
Five hours at Lagoon was all Trason could take! The hat he has on is a baseball helmet. Roudy won one for all the kids. It was a game where if you threw a baseball 65 mph you could win a helmet or if you threw it slower you could get a blow up bat. Well, my studly husband threw it above 65 mph until they told him he'd reached his daily limit. I was very turned on. ;)

And, after 5 hours, my not so nice girl!
** So you don't think Jaxon is a complete wuss, I thought I should clarify that he only had a melt down on the free fall ride the first time he went on it. He went on it a few more times and had a blast as long as he was sitting by an adult and had a good hold on the safety bar! ;)


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Ahhh.. good old Lagoon;)

The Hall Family said...

Fun! Oh how i wish i had a short getaway. It would be good for me lyle and the kids. I dont get it I have flying benefits and I never use them.

The Hall Family said...

Yes it is addicting. My allergies havent been that bad until last week and now they are giving me a headache everyday honestly i cant remember a day within 10 days that i havent had a headache. I usually take claritin and that helps alot.

Woods: said...

K, what a fun trip! Tiring, but fun. You are such a good mommy. You are so funny, I will remember that bday and it won't take me that long to write 27 things about you. I've got plenty of fun memories! :)