Monday, June 2, 2008

Emily- This Is Just For You!

I just thought I should let Emily know she has a competitor for the biggest Boise State Fan! Last year State Wrestling was in Boise. After Jaxon won we told him he could pick out a prize and ALL he wanted was an Ian Johnson Jersey. So, we went to the Blue and Orange store and spent WAY too much money! We ended up getting all the kids jerseys plus a couple hats. For Christmas the boys both got the whole set up- helmet, pads, jersey, & pants. I ordered Jordy a Boise State Cheerleader outfit, but it's STILL on backorder. However, she did receive her custom made blue and orange pom poms! :) We also bought the season in review DVD after Boise won the Fiesta Bowl and Jaxon has completely wore it out. He's watched that more than any Disney movie I've ever bought. He can repeat it word for word. He'll tell you "the best running back is Ian Johnson and the best quarterback for college is Jared Zabransky, but he plays for the pro's now in a Canada League. The best Pro quarterback is Brett Favre." At his age, who really cares about all that stuff?

I realize this picture would be way cuter if I could learn how to flip it. But, I kind of get a kick out of thinking of everybody turning their heads sideways... :)

Jaxon can't decide if he wants to play football or wrestle!

Jordy Sue's Boise State Jersey. I have no idea who #1 is, but it was the only # for girls!

For Christmas, Jaxon got this sweatshirt, another Jersey, and a reversible beanie that Roudy would steal if I would let him!


Stephens Family said...

Hmm, I just don't know about this!! I don't think you get to be bigger fans than us Stephens! We are glued to the T.V. every game...yes we PAY to watch Bronco football since AZ doesn't pick up each game! We had awesome tickets to the Fiesta Bowl but of course I didn't get to go since Dylan was so young, but Brandon was there cheering the team to victory!!! Don't think I don't put on all my cheer gear for the games just to annoy Brandon!! I will give it to ya that you have definitely outfitted the kids. Good job! I love the pink jersey!! And, I may be able to even get an autograph from Ian Johnson since I know his wife. : ) But, only if you agree that we are the bigger fans! ; )

Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Hey I got it but the question is did you get mine? Yes I deleted it so no worries;0) I'll send it again just in case!

Jess & Von Higgs said...

Your kids are so cute! It is crazy how much time has gone by since high school! I love looking at blogs and seeing what everyone is up to! It was so good to hear from you!