Monday, June 9, 2008

The Show Must Go On

Jordy did the Wizard of Oz ballet on Saturday and it was so cute! She did so good. At dress rehearsal she had her back to the audience a few times, so I told her to make sure she looked at the audience and smiled and all of that good stuff. She remember what I told her and made sure to look at the audience and she was so dang cute. At intermission I went up stairs to get her so she could watch the second act and her chaperone came up to me and was like, "I'm so sorry. She fell on a chair. She cried for a long time and we had a really hard time getting her to perform. I'm so sorry." Well, needless to say, nobody could tell she was hurt and she performed perfectly! I probably should have taken her in and got a staple put in it, but I figured it would be an unnecessary, traumatic experience. Her hair will cover it up if she gets a scar, right?

Jordy in the car on her way to perform. She was SO excited! Check out those big brown eyes! It's no wonder she has Roudy and me wrapped around her finger! This was before the performance. She's such a little poser!

After the performance with all of her flowers.

Jordy Sue and her cousins Jozlyn and Haylie.


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

so I think we need a live performance on blog from her! What a trooper for still performing! She does have some beautiful big brown eyes, I'm sure she is learning quickly how to use them to her advantage!

Woods: said...

She is adorable! Ouch! What a star...she knew she had to keep her mommy! :) We would love to get together! It really is a circus with 6 kids! Holy Cow! We have so many kids. I try to figure out when I can steal a car from my family! Leo's would be fun!

Stephens Family said...

She really is beautiful!! I can't wait for a little girly girl! : )