Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Day Of School 2008

So, the night before the first day of school is always the worst. There is back to school night that gets the kids all wound up and then it's a nightmare to try to get them in bed. I kept telling Jaxon, "You are going to be tired for the first day of school if you don't GO TO BED!" So, I go in to wake him up at 7:30 am and he pops out of bed and says, "what time is it, mom? I'm not even tired!" And then I went in the front room and found this...

This is Jaxon with my little sister, Madison. She's a second grader this year. Yes, here in Idaho we have to send our kids to school in jackets- even in August.
On the second day of school I found this little love note in Jaxon's backpack. It's from a super cute girl named Kaidence that was in Jaxon's Kindergarten class and she's in his class again this year. From his first day of preschool we've been told that Jaxon is quite the ladies man. At all the school functions we've had many a mom come and introduce herself saying she's heard so much about Jaxon. But, he comes by it honestly- Roudy was named biggest flirt in highschool! I love how she had her mom write the note for her, but she added her phone number by herself! :)

This is Jaxon's note back. (It's a little hard to read because of the red paper.) It says, "Thank you for the note. You are a nice friend. I am glad we are in the same class. Let's play everyday at recess. Love, Jaxon." He couldn't decide wether to write "from, Jaxon" or "love, Jaxon." He settled on "love, Jaxon" so it must be serious. Roudy was trying to tell Jaxon what to write, but he's a smart boy and didn't listen. Roudy wouldn't know how to write a love note to save his life! I think he kept it un-mushy so he could keep his options open! :)

It's a little freaky having Jaxon gone ALL day long. He leaves at 7:45 am and doesn't get home until 3:00 pm. I seriously feel a void and miss him while he's gone. All day long Trason keeps saying, "mom, we forgot Jaxon!" anytime we go anywhere. I'm sure we'll all get into a routine pretty quickly.


Chy said...

You have quite the little lover boy on your hands! He IS cute... what can you do?:) Wow Your little sister is so big, its fun that they get to go to school together.

Chy said...

oh, love the song

Stephens Family said...

That is too hilarious! Although I don't think you can blame the flirting solely on your hubby...If I do recall, you were quite the flirt yourself. : )

Chy said...

ha ha that's funny! I remember you and I had a class in middle school together I think it was like 7th or 8th grade (not sure) Mrs. Arlin maybe???? any way Brandon Joslin and Brady McNeal were in it... it was like flirting 101. I learned a lot from you that year:)You probably didn't even know or remember...funny

Mindy and Roudy said...

I was totally in love with Brady Mcneal! I thought he was the cutest thing ever. Another funny thought... My 8th grade year I had a class with Brandon (Stephens) and thought he was the coolest. I was going to "ask him out", but found out that Emily Thompson asked him out like the day before. I was so bummed, but that was the beginning of a great friendship! :)

P.s. Emily, did the pot just call the kettle black? :) I think I saw Tyler West at the gym the other day (I thought of you)