Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Can't Believe My Baby Girl is 5!

Jordy Sue's Princess Cake- She is all girl!

It seems like just yesterday Jordyn was born. She was born on the worst day of the year- opening day of Archery season. I went to the movie "Freaky Friday" with my mom and Jaxon and then went home. It wasn't 15 minutes after I got home that I called my mom and told her to come and get Jaxon so I could go to the Hospital. Roudy was, of coarse, hunting so my dad drove me to the Hospital. They "checked me" and sure enough, I was having a baby. I wasn't due until September 19th, so Roudy had no idea. Roudy just happened to call me from a friends house because he had a feeling he should. Well, I was in the Hospital, so he hurried home, but he was about 2 hours away. My dad had tickets to the Motor Cross at the fair, so he left and I waited for Roudy to show up. He got there just as they were ready to break my water. Then Jordy's heart rate dropped and they got Roudy out of his camouflage clothes and into some scrubs to prepare for an emergency c-section. False alarm- I just needed to lay on my side. Then they break my water and find out she's already pooped, so they call the nicu to come in and get ready to take her away as soon as she's born. I forgot to mention she was breach, too, so about a week before she was born they manually "turned her." That was perhaps the most painful thing I've ever gone through, but that's a whole different post. Any who, she was born and everything was fine. She was kind of a pain until she was born, but has totally made up for it since she's been alive. I couldn't ask for a sweeter girl. We named her Jordyn Lisa, after my older sister, and we lived happily ever after. The End.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mindy! It's Julie here. I finally found your blog. It looks like you guys are having a fun summer. Is Jordan going to Kindergarten? Cute cake. She should come play with my girls, they would have a blast. I'm sure that I will see you around. Check out our blog,

Ryan and Krystal said...

Hey Mindy...first things first...who rolled there car more times than I can count! :) Okay Okay so I was a fast driver but come on give me some slack! The gray haven't thought about that car for years. That is dang funny. Jordy is so cute. I think she looks just like you. It is crazy to me to see everyone’s kids and how old they are! I loved your pictures from Red Fish Lake. My Uncle has a cabin over there so I know that area. I love it over there. Hope you are well!


Stephens Family said...

Jordy!!! You have the best birthday EVER!!! Happy Birthday!!! And Mindy, glad that Roudy got back in time for the babes to arrive on that wonderful August 30th. See, this is why men just should not hunt! Right, tell him that! : )

Chy said...

Happy Birthday Jordy Sue! Geez Mindy you are going to have a lot of free time while your kiddos are at school... Just you and Trayson gettin in some quality time:)

Chy said...

NICE time!!! Seriously my miles are usually 10min and that REALLY starts to slow down after about 4 miles:~/ So tell me about this boot camp, is it through the apple.. not stroller boot camp( I would be jealous)? Or is it one of the classes upstairs at the apple? I love those. Hey does playgroup exist anymore? If not we should have one next week sometime the boys and I are going to be in town. Anyway it sounds great, have fun!

Chy said...

Dude! That's Awesome isn't losing weight SO MUCH FUN!!! It just makes me want to cry:)

Yes Yes we defiantly do need to get together. Justin's parents have their 50th anniversary on Sat. and Coop is going into Mt. View to get his teeth done on Wed the 10th so any day but those. We need to call Kate and Steph even if we ditch the kids and go to lunch... fine by me:)

So I saw your comment on Adrienne's blog and I ALMOST sent you a tile with vinyl on it that said “follow the prophet” just to freak Roudy out:) Don’t worry my grandpa was the exact same way until my dad was like 17, he eventually gave in (on his own, without any pressure from grandma.. patience, patience) and we love him so much for it. Ok I really should turn the computer off and do something productive.