Monday, August 18, 2008

Hacky Birthday, My Little "Fart Snack"

Trason turned 3 today. I can't believe it- where did the time go? Here are some of my favorite things about my naughtiest, fun loving 3 year old.

*He is so funny. He will do or say anything to get a laugh- he loves to hold a crowd. From the time he was a baby I told everyone he thought he was a comedian.

*He's extremely naughty, but in a way that you can't help but laugh. Somebody (I think it was Roudy's Dad- Thanks Pops!) called Trason a Fart Sack. From then on, he's been calling everybody a "Fart Snack." If you aren't a Fart Snack, you will be a Poopy Head or a Butt Cracker (Thank you, Roudy, for that). Yes, I'm aware I shouldn't encourage this. My mom doesn't think it's a bit funny.

*If you pretend like he hurt your feelings, he will run over to you and kiss you and give you a big bear hug. All day long I hear "Sorry, Mommy."

*He's, by far, the toughest kid I raised. He's out of control and constantly getting hurt, but he very rarely cries. His middle name was supposed to be "Tuff", but Roudy vetoed me. He thought kids would always try to fight him to see if he lived up to his name. I should have went with my instinct, I guess. How cute would it have been to have boys with the middle names of Roudy and Tuff?

*He loves to wrestle or do whatever the big kids are doing. He has no idea that he is small.

*One day the boys were wrestling and Trason was getting pinned. All of a sudden he says, "Son of a bitch!" So, I took him in my bedroom and asked him if he said a bad word. He says, "No, I go to Church." Of coarse I was shocked and couldn't help but laugh. How does a 2 year old put those two things together? But, about 5 minutes later, he was trying to get his wrestling shoes on and he said it again. (I'm sure he didn't hear that from ME) :)

*A few weeks ago at Church I had a friend come get me out of my class and she was laughing hysterically. Apparently, the nursery leader was rolling a ball back and forth with Trason. Well, she rolled it to him and he goes "Ahhh, right in the weiner." When I went and picked him up from nursery, the nursery leader never said a word. I wonder what other naughty things he has said in there that I will never know about.

*He's scared to death of bugs. He can fall and scrape his knee, or bonk his head (a million times a day) and never cry. But he see's a bug and he cries like a little girl.

*For the longest time he would tell everybody he was 69 when they asked him how old he was. I have no idea where he ever heard this number. I don't think he ever once said he was 2 when anybody asked him his age.

*He is AMAZING on a Razor Scooter. It's a little bit freaky. He's got unbelievable balance and coordination. Last year at Redfish he was riding his scooter around the campground with a pacifier in his mouth and people would just stop and stare. He had a lot of people stop and stare at him this year, too. I'll try to find a video of him, because I really can't put into words how shocking it is to see a 2 year old fly by on a scooter.

*Tonight during his party he came up to me and gave me a big hug and simply said, "Thank You, Mommy." He has the ability to completely melt my heart.

I Love You, Little Man!!


Murray Family said...

What a funny little boy! I loved the stories about him.

Chy said...

I cant believe he is 3! He is so dang cute and a spicy personality, gotta love that:) Poopy head seems to be a common name at my house to, not my favorite thing but hey it could be worse.

Mindy and Roudy said...

It could be worse as in "Fart Snack or Butt Cracker?" I give all the blame to Roudy & his family on those two. My family would never talk like that! ;)