Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheer Camp (Take Two)

On Saturday Jordyn had Cheer Camp at Hillcrest. She absolutly LOVES cheer camp, but she's got some competitiveness in her, too! I went at lunch time to make sure her and my nieces could get their chips and drink boxes open, and Jordy was all, "Mom, we cheered louder than the big girls and they were LOSERS! That was my favorite part is when they were LOSERS!" So, Roudy might have her playing sports after all. Who knows.
Jaxon had a football game on Saturday, too. He did awesome! The coach had him playing defense, and he rushed the quarterback every time and got his flag. By the last play the other team put a huge kid in front of Jaxon and he just grabbed Jaxon's jersey and held on. Hey coach, that's called holding and not only is it illegal, but way to wait until the last play of the game! LOSER! Sorry. That was my competitive side coming out.
After Jaxon's game we went over to Hillcrest to watch Jordy's performance. I just had to get a picture of the "Football player and the Cheerleader"! Then it made me think about how cute it would have been if I hadn't held Jordy back and they were only a year apart, so Jordy could cheer for her brother. But then I realized that Jaxon's friends would probably want to date Jordyn, and then Jaxon would have to KILL them, and really it would just be a mess.
And, of coarse, you can't take a picture without Trason...

Here's another NAUGHTY Trason story:
Yesterday, I'm in the bathroom getting ready and Trason comes in naked with just a cowboy hat on and says "Shit balls." I say, "Trason, you can't say that!" in my meanest voice. He just looks at me and says "Shit balls again!" So, I say, "Bubba, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!" and he says, "but mom, I'm a cowboy!" So, basically he knows (somehow) that Cowboy's say bad words and I guarantee you that he only put the cowboy hat on so he'd have an excuse to say a bad word. (Keep in mind this child barely turned 3 not even a month ago.) Trason is so much fun to be around, even if he does have a little bit of a wild streak! I can honestly say that I think personality is predetermined, because this child is SO different than my other two!


Ryan and Krystal said...

You have the funniest stories! The good ol days of cheer camp at HHS!!! Jordy looks so cute.
Thanks for telling me about boot camp! That is impressive...14 lbs. They do it 3 nights a week down here and it is 125.00 per month. SO I can't make up my mind. I have commitment issues. I am good for 2 weeks then I am done :)I need a mean trainer :)
I will be in IF October 16-19th. I would love you see you if you have time. You are a busy mom with 3 wee ones. Ryan is hunting for that week so I am going to hang with my mom.

Chy said...

My brother and I were a year apart and I hated it but he LOVED it he thought my friends were hot. They are so cute in their little outfits, I'm excited for all the fun games or whatever comes our way!