Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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1. Where did you meet? Long Story! I was waiting for a missionary, so I didn't date a whole lot. One of the girls from work was like, "just come to one of the Idaho Fall's Mustangs games with me." So, I did and met Rod Sandoval. We dated for a couple weeks and Rod lived with this guy named Roudy. They were both newly divorced and just wanting to have fun! So, I guess the short answer is that I was dating his roommate!

2.How long did you date before you got married? We started dating in September of 2000 and I moved in with him in February of 2001. He had only been divorced since May, so naturally he wanted to take things slow, but I dazzled him with my flirting abilities and we were married in July of 2001! :)

3.How long have you been married? 49 long, hard, wonderful years! (Dog years! :)

4.What does he do that surprises you? This is horrible to say, but nothing! He's not overly romantic, and doesn't really do surprises. Last year at Christmas he bought me a beautiful corner hutch, so that counts, right? I was definitely surprised!

5.What is your favorite feature of his? What's not to love-have you seen him? :) He's so good at EVERYTHING he does. When he played for the Mustangs he was one of the oldest guys on the team, but he got a trophy for most interceptions in the league (that included all of south east Idaho and Utah.) He gives 100% to everything he does. When we built our house he decided he was going to do the tile himself. He had never even seen it done, but he talked to a few people and went to work. It turned out perfect (of coarse, he doesn't think so.) He always makes sure to tell me thanks for dinner- even if it was hot dogs and macaroni and cheese! He makes sure that the kids listen to me and respect me. Even if we are fighting, he's got my back when it comes to the kids! I could go on forever, but most importantly.... He's got the cutest little "black boy bum" I've ever seen! (Not that I've seen a lot of bums...)

6.What's your favorite quality of his? He is SO hardworking. He does everything he possibly can to make sure the kids and I have everything we want and need. At least once a week he works a double shift and never complains. He has a to do list that goes on forever (NOT my favorite thing!) He never just sits around. He's always going 110 miles an hour. I complain about this a lot, but I would much rather have it this way than a husband that won't get off the couch! I tend to want to play all the time and his response is always "I've got shit to do." That's pretty much his trademark line.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Baby Love

8.What is his favorite color? Orange. Who has orange for their favorite color?

9.What is his favorite food? Lucky for me, he's not even a little bit picky. He LOVES Olive Garden salad and Alfredo Sauce and he wants to marry the Italian Wedge salad at Johnny Carinos!

10.What is his favorite sport? HUNTING

11.When and where was your first kiss? This is horrible to and learn, right? For our first date we went to the Corn Maze and we kissed all through that. (Keep in mind, we knew each other for a few months before our first official date since I was dating his roomie). Then, we were going to go back to his house, but we drove by and Rod was there, so we went over to Bonneville high school. We were laying on the grass kissing, but then the sprinklers came on, so we had to call it a night! :).

12.Favorite thing to do as a couple? Probably eat! We go out to eat every Friday night as a family. We only leave the kids a couple times a year, so we don't have a whole lot of alone time to go on dates. But, I saw a saying on Chy's vinyl website that said "Going on a date is cheaper than a divorce." So, I'm going to try to get a babysitter at least once a month for a little more alone time.

13.Do you have any children? 3 little monsters- Jaxon is 6, Jordyn is 5, and Trason is 3. We had 3 kids in 3 1/2 years. Hmmm... maybe I should change our favorite thing to do as a couple.... ;)

14.Does he have a hidden talent? He can pick up on any body's little quirks and copy them pretty much to a tee. It's quite annoying, actually. I'm his favorite person to pick on, of coarse. And, we always say that Roudy has never met a stranger. He can talk to anybody for hours(and he does.)

15. How old is he? 35 big ones. It's so weird. When we started dating I was 18 and he was 27 and I thought he was SO old! Now, I'll be 27 on my next birthday. Time really does fly.

16.Who said I love you first? That would be Roudy. He kept telling me that he wanted to say it, but he didn't want it to become easy to say. So, I knew he loved me before he actually said it. We were laying on his parents couch in Arco when he finally did say it. He was a little weird about things like that. I always wanted him to buy me flowers, but to him that was a huge deal. He said he never bought girls flowers in high school or anything because to him it meant he loved them. One night he was working the night shift and I went on a date with the missionary I had been waiting for. Well, I didn't even tell him the missionary was home, so he calls me and I'm like "I'm on a date." He called every 20 minutes at least! Needless to say, I got woke up the next morning to 18 red roses! :)

17.What is his favorite type of music? I'd have to say butt rock is his favorite, but he listens to country, too. Anything but my favorite... rap. I can't help it- I love it. I think it goes back to riding in Brandon Stephens little red truck with Tupac blaring. Good times.

18.What do you admire most about him? Probably his love for the kids. He makes sure he spends quality time with each of them. And, he pushes all of us to be our best. He's a little hard on all of us (especially me because I need the most pushing), but it's only because he knows our potential.

19.Do you think he will read this? Probably not, but that's okay. Don't want his head getting too big! :)

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Murray Family said...

What a great post! It was fun to learn more about how you guys met and stuff. Cute story :)

Chy said...

I would say your favorite thing to do is make babies...;0) My grandma always said if your going to lie lie naked! NICE! I dig how going on a date with Justin made him realize roses were much gotta love em!

Rebecca said...

I hate orange, but his favorite color worked on his sweet truck (until he took the lift off of it). Just kidding Roudy.

Mindy and Roudy said...

You should see his poor truck now. It's sitting on blocks in the garage. At least it's not sitting out in the yard so we don't look like total white trash!

Stephens Family said...

Um, if you are a true BSU fan, you LOVE orange with a passion. They have a new shirt and Brandon and I both have it...says, "True Fans Wear Orange!" : )

Ryan and Krystal said...

How cute! Sounds like we could take our not so picky husbands to dinner and they could talk about hunting! I am sure you and I could find something to talk about too! :) He sounds like a good father and hubby! Thanks for the tag! Hope you are well!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Hey, its Hayley.(From Preschool) I just have a question, I heard you say a while back you were doing boot camp. Did you do it at the apple? How was it? I had my 1st day today and wow it was a work out but it felt SO good. Also I got some cute pictures of the field trip to the airport, I will send you some when I am feeling ambtious!