Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baseball Here We Come!

I finally got my new camera in the mail yesterday! Woo Hoo! I took the camera to try it out at Jaxon's (2 hour) baseball practice, but forgot to put a memory card in it, so all I had was the camera's internal memory!

I lied about Jaxon's age (sorry, mom) so he wouldn't have to play T-ball AGAIN! He's playing pitching machine this year and most of his team mates have just finished 2nd grade. As far as hitting goes, he's in the top two on the team. He's probably the most consistent hitter they have (and that's not me being biased!) His size throws everyone off. He gets up to bat and they are like, "Ok , little man, here comes the ball." And then he smacks it and they don't call him "little man" anymore! I'm so proud of him. He was born with a lot of natural talent, but I have to give credit to Roudy. He has always made sure he has time to teach Jaxon whatever he may need to know about whatever sport he's playing at that time. Jaxon's got the natural ability, but he wouldn't be where he is now without his dad.

I was just practicing with my new camera, so the movie isn't that great. And, this wasn't his best hit, but the internal memory was full. I'll figure it out! :) You can't see the pitching machine, but it throws the ball out at 32 mph. Pretty impressive for a 6 year old if you ask me! I have video of Roudy pitching the ball to Jaxon when he was just 2 years old, and he hit it most of the time. If I can figure out this whole video thing I will post that.


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Thank goodness for good daddys! I think its cool that you fibbed a little to get him in, he obviously can handle it! Have fun:)

jon and lori said...

Hey, it was good to hear from you. Redfish lake is beautiful, but wow it was cold (we did not go swimming). Especially because it was cold and rainy the day we went. Your family is very cute.

Stephens Family said...

Is that a Boise State hat he is wearing? : ) I can't wait until Brandon gets to teach Dylan all the sports. How fun for you to watch that! Way to go Jaxon!

Cortney Hall said...

Hi, so I finally got my act together and did a blog. Here's the address:
It's private cause I'm somewhat paranoid of the internet, so I'll need your email to add you. Your family is darling! It will be great to keep in touch with you better!

Mindy and Roudy said...
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Cortney Hall said...

I got it and added you! Thanks!