Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pump me up, baby

My totally awesome husband bought me a totally awesome elliptical when my gym membership ended. I got on it for the first time last night and loved it! There was only one thing missing... tunes that make me want to work my butt off (literally). The elliptical has ipod speakers built in, so now I just need to make a workout play list. I like all music, but my favorite is rap. Alternative or metal would probably be good for working out, too. Maybe some good old Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera? What are some of your favorite songs for getting "pumped up"?

*I realize this song says the same thing over and Over and OVER, but it's one that they played at the gym all the time, so in my head it's totally a work out song.


Chy said...

uhhh.... I'm with you! I was honestly thinking about putting up a post about finding a really good playlist for my half, just some stuff with a really good beat. I suck at remembering artists names or even the name of the song for that matter! So I'll be checking in to get some good ideas or maybe even post something similar;) HOORAY for the new machine!

Stephens Family said...

AC/DC has some good stuff to work-out to! If you like Alternative you should listen to Collective Soul. Or, good old Def Leppard!

Chy said...

Thanks that was a very nice comment;) I emailed you about the vinyl...did you get it?

Woods: said...

Yeah for the eliptical! I love those things! That's really great! I'm the worst at playlists so I've got no advice there. As for the blog page with the latest updates of other bloggers: Go to your Settings, click on "Add a Gadget" and chose the "Blog List". You have to add each of them individually with the URL address but it's worth it. Now I only have to click on my blog 5 times a day and not all the others ones 5 times a day...each. :)

also known as shell said...

I'm sorry I feel bad that I never comment here. I have you in my blog reader so I'm always checking up on you and seeing whats going on. I'm such a loser. anyway I love angry songs to work out too.
Kelly Clarkson "never again"
and I also like stuff by kanye west
Stronger is good