Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...To Me

I think this was my favorite Mother's Day present yet- A homemade card from Roudy.(Even though it really means he didn't take the time to go buy me a card!) Have I ever mentioned the time I got a full body dear target for Mother's Day? He swears I said I wanted it (I have a bow), and yet I've never shot it in the 5 years I've owned it! He's had a great time shooting it...
Anyway, I only have a big digital camera so I hardly ever take pictures, so Roudy's going to buy me a little camera (to help with my new blogging addiction! :) On the inside of the card, he drew a picture of the camera he's going to buy me- too funny!

Trason brought me home this bookmark from nursery. He thinks all the little flowers are stickers and he's very upset that I won't take the stickers off for him!
Jordyn made this little card at school. It had a Reese candy bar attached that her and the boys ate as soon as she gave it too me! :) Her poem says-

Mommy, I love you
For all that you do
I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me
And teach me to play,
So smile 'cause I love you
On this Mother's Day!

This card the kids made in Primary. They traced their hands on the inside so it's supposed to look like a big hug. Cute idea- Too bad it wasn't a surpise because I teach primary, so I had to help the kids make them. Jordyn kept saying, "Mom, pretend you don't know what this is." Then she would put it behind her back and "surprise" me!

Jaxon made me some bath salts at school, with a little poem. It says-

Here's a gift for Mother's Day
I'll try my best in every way.
But if you get upset with me,
Relax and Soak!
Don't you agree?


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

I love it! Your kids are so cute. And the homemade card-IOU is AWESOME! Sometimes those are the best. I used to teach CTR 5 and I have to say its was my FAVORITE calling. Some of my kids made me cookies before I moved and their mom whispered to me (don't eat them they really made them themselves!) FUNNY!
You need to add the feedblitz widget so it get an automatic email telling me you have a new post, check it out on my blog:) Happy Mothers Day to a busy mommy! (yesterday)

Mindy and Roudy said...

I also teach the CTR 5 class and I DON'T love it. I know that is horrible to say, but it's my first time teaching and I can't seem to keep the kids attention! It seem's like all I say is "shhhhhh". I tried getting stickers that say I am Reverent that they can earn at the end of class if they are quiet, but the kids that did get them ended up trying to eat them in closing exercises.

Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Thats funny, well back when I was teaching it it was still ok to bring treats... peanut butter makes it really hard to open your mouth! I'm soo bad! They are 5 their attention span it like 5 min and thats ok! So don't beat yourself up. I did not see the wiget on your blog. You have to add it just like the playlist I'll keep checking to see if you got it.

Mindy and Roudy said...

We aren't supposed to bring treats? Nobody told me that! I guess I'm a rebel!

Audrey Squires said...

Hey mindy. This is Audrey Squires (Garner). I found your page through the blog hopping. I just joined the craze this week. I have no idea what I am doing, but I am really excited to reconnect with old friends. Your kids are so adorable. I bet you are so proud of them. Good for you getting that many years of marriage under your belt. I will celebrate my 6th year of marriage this year. I was thinking about you the other day because I was looking through my moms old picture album and she went to a few dances with your dad and he was wearing this great blue jumpsuit sort of outfit from the 70's. It made me laugh. I think I remember telling your dad about it and he said something about him making it.So where are you at and what are you up to? Way to go on your great accomplishments with motherhood. Audrey

Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Love the new song!

Mindy and Roudy said...

I heard it on KLCE today- Don't tell anyone!;)