Friday, May 2, 2008

I Give In

Ok, I give in- I will create a blog even though it will probably be the most boring blog ever because I have no idea how to post pictures or play music. I feel like this is the right time to start blogging because my 6 year old, Jaxon, has State Wrestling tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to write that he is a state champion- Again! He won state last year in Boise at 35 lbs.! He truly is a natural athlete and it has been so fun cheering him on in baseball, soccer, football, gymnastics (he just mastered his back handspring), and the list goes on and on. My beautiful 4 year old daughter, Jordyn, is also in gymnastics. Unfortunately for her, she seems to have gotten her mom's coordination! She has been in gymnastics for 2 years and still lands on her face every time she does a cartwheel! She also does ballet, and that is so fun! They did the Nutcracker performance at Christmas and are getting ready to do The Wizard of Oz in June. The poor girl snores like a grown man and will be getting her tonsils out this month! My 2 year old, Trason, is my best buddy while the other two are running me ragged. He truly has me laughing all day long. The things he comes up with kill me! From the time he was little I said he was a comedian, and it is so true! Every time someone askes him how old he is he says 69. I have no idea why he even knows that number! Last week I picked him up from primary and the nursery leaders were calling him Parker. We just split wards, and for some reason he isn't on the nursery list. So, they asked him his name and he told them it was Parker. Again, I have no idea where he's ever even heard this name! He says the most random, funny things. Once he gets a laugh he will just keep going. He loves to hold a crowd! Anyway, I'm going to try to figure this whole blogging world out. Bear with me!


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

Ok so you need to get to the top of your blog and sign in - of course then hit the customize tab at the top of your blog next click layout and you can drag and drop almost everything(page elements) to where you want it, so can move your blogger friends to the side like most people, or where ever you want it. To post a picture you just need to hit the little icon at the top of the post -or html page that looks like a picture it will say -add image. once you do that you will need to browse and then you can get a picture from off your computer, camera add page elements all you do is go to the layout once again and click on -add a page element sometimes they are tricky but you just have to mess with it. Hope tht helps I'm sure its clear as mud! Thats awesome about Jaxson good luck to him! I'll be checking in:)

Rebecca said...

Good job Mindle. Do everything Chy just said because I don't really know how to do it, let alone explain it. Good luck with wresting Jaxon man!

cortneyhall said...

Hi Mindy,
It's Cortney! I'm not a blogger, (Becca gives me a hard time) but I do look at everyone elses! Your family is so cute! Sounds like you guys are doing good! We are still in New Mexico, but are planning to move to ID next year! We have 2 little boys, Conner and Max. I do the facebook thing and that's about it, so if your on there you can see us! see ya!

Mindy and Roudy said...

I'm computer stupid- I couldn't find your facebook page. (I've never been on facebook, or myspace, or any of those.) You really should start a blog even if it's only to show off your boys! It will be fun when you move to Idaho. We will have to get the kids together