Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm In Love

I've never understood the obsession with Stars before. It's like, who cares, they are just people. But now I've got my own obsession, and it's bad. I can totally relate to the people who are behind bars for stalking celebs. Sure I've had little crushes. I think Alex on Grey's is totally hot. But this is different.... I want to marry David Cook. Like, if David called me tomorrow and asked me out I would be like, "Roudy, can you watch the kids tonight? I have a date with David Cook. I might not be home for a while....or ever..." And Roudy would be like, "sure." It's not a secret obsession. I can't help myself. Every time he's on T.V. I'm like, "I have to marry him." Roudy just looks at me. He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body. Besides that, if Charlize Theron ever came to our door, I have no doubt that he would be gone. And I would pack his bags. Just as a disclaimer, I know this sort of obsession is not normal and I hope it passes soon. Does anybody remember the little 12 year old girl from American Idol last season that was totally in love with Sanjaya and cried through the whole show? That would totally be me if I saw David today. There is no other way to say what I am feeling...I am in love .

*note to Rebecca: You can apologize to David for thinking he was arrogant. Did you notice his face when he won? That was hardly smug. I thought he was quite gracious and humble. If Simon, of all people, can find it in his heart to apologize to David, I'm sure you can, too.I'll tell him for you next time I see him...he's always in my dreams


Chy & Justin Jorgensen said...

OK your CrAzY and FuNnY all at the same time;) He was good I have to admit, I actually thought the other David was going to win (stop yelling at me over the computer!)I only watched the show like 3 or 4 times so I was clearly wrong. Good luck with your new obsession:)