Monday, October 27, 2008

The Football Player and The Cheerleader

On Friday Roudy and I went to an adult Halloween party that we go to every year. This is the first year we really dressed up. Last year Roudy safety pinned candy all over his shirt and went as a "sugar daddy." This year we decided to go all out. The party always starts out with a scavenger hunt, so we are running all over town in our costumes with people staring at us. It's actually really fun! Our partners this year dressed up as Batman and Batgirl so when we went in to these public places all the little kids went crazy yelling "Batman!" That was going to be our excuse if we lost- "Batman had to sign autographs!" But we didn't have to worry about that. We won!

Me and My Best Neighbor girls
Becky- Batgirl and Tiffany- Hillary Clinton

Me and My Super Hot Football Player
Becky and Kevin
(they won the costume contest)


Chy said...

sheesh! HOOTTTTT Momma! You look cute with your football player, That calls for some making out under the bleachers ha ha ok maybe only I would still do that;0)

Mindy said...

I would totally still do that! It's my OLD husband that's so over making out....

Woods: said...

That is REALLY funny! You are looking so great! Your legs are so tiny in that super short skirt! And you look great in your profile picture! Nice work! I'm just too shy to dress up. I guess I ought to try it 'cause it looks like you guys had a blast!

Mindy said...

Oh Nicole, you are sweet. Sweet, but wrong! I posted that picture of me & my girlfriends and Roudy and I sat and laughed because I looked short and squatty- my legs looked horrible! So, I quickly deleted the picture and cropped my legs out!

Woods: said...

Oh, I put a dumb caption underneath one of my pictures about the camera adding weight and then I took it off 'cause it sounded so lame. We are all the way out in Michigan! Craziness.