Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roudy & Dave's Big Adventure

Roudy killed a pretty nice bull elk back in 1993 (the lovely beast now hangs in my living room)and he carved his initials and the word "elk" into a tree. Well, he had the opportunity to go back to that area to hunt and he found that same tree he carved his name in so many years ago.

Hey there, Big Boy

My Sexy Man

Jasper, Dave, and Chy
Dave's 1st Bull
**Since Dave's "sexy" picture has everybody freaked out, I guess I'll explain. Dave does this gay/sexy face out at work and it makes all of the guys cringe! Most of them just look away because they can't stand it! Well, when everybody heard that Roudy and Dave were taking the horses and packing in for a week they all teased them that it was going to be Brokeback Mountain! So, this picture was for the guys out at work. Be grateful, I could have posted the picture Roudy took of Dave peeing........


Chy said...

uhhh ok... at first I thought the VERY UNSEXY dude was Roudy I had to click on the picture cuz it DID NOT LOOK LIKE ROUDY... Wheew it was not, lucky you. Sorry dude hope you don't read Mindys blog;) Also is that horse REALLY named Chy? Really? ouch, althought I do feel like I look like a horse at times! Cool about finding the tree carving.

Beckie said...

Soo did Dave hunt naked? Or was he just into taking naked pictures? Nice bull!! Funny that horse is named Chy-- are those your horses? Are horses are such little sissy's Chet hung his deer in the barn-- that is kind of by where they live and they all freaked out! Naughty horses! Oh well -- they are still fun to ride!