Wednesday, October 8, 2008

White Trash

*Warning... Rebecca, don't show this to Zach. He might cry a little...

So, anybody that knows Roudy knows he's a clean freak. At any given time you could eat off our garage floor. He washes the freaking lawn mower, for hell sakes. His mom said that growing up his room was the cleanest room in the house. Needless to say, he's a major perfectionist. So, how did his prized truck fall through the cracks? Since I've known him (8 years) this truck has NEVER been washed. That's right. Never. These pictures really don't do the inch of dust on the truck justice! And, notice the poor thing is on blocks? When we were first married this beautiful truck had a 6in lift on it. But, Roudy took the lift off because I had a hard time getting in it. I was pregnant, honey. I could have managed. So, he took it down from like a 6 inch lift to a 2 in lift. And there went his manliness. It kind of looked like a sissy truck instead of the beefy truck it was. Sorry, honey. You know it's true. Then, to make things worse, he needed the tires for another truck, so this one gets to sit on blocks. I'm just glad the poor thing is parked in the garage so our neighbors don't have to know that they live next door to white trash!


Chy said...

Oh Man! I have always been a sucker for a guy with a cool old pimped out truck, I still think its hot! Poor Justin got stuck with my girly little Tacoma when we got married, he HATED going to his mens league games and pulling in in our little dinky truck next to all the guys with their SUPER NICE NEW BIG TRUCKS..needless to say we got rid of it. It was cute;) Your not white trash it just needs a a little love. SO sweet he lowered it for you!