Friday, October 10, 2008

Jordy Needs A Sister...........

The last couple days Jordy has decided she wants to wear Jaxon's wrestling gear and wrestle the boys. Roudy's all, "should we let her wrestle? I haven't taught her anything yet and I think she'd be good at it." Um, hello. NO our baby girl is NOT going to wrestle. Trason, on the other hand, I can't wait for him to turn 4 so he can wrestle. He's dirty tough and way more aggressive than Jaxon has ever been. Roudy's thinking about signing a waver so Trason can wrestle this year at 3 years old. We'll see.... Anyway, the pictures are showing up dark for some reason. They look fine on my camera. And, I have no idea where that white line came from in the first video. Roudy took my camera hunting last week- if he ruined it I might have to kill him. ;) Also, I have a STUPID laugh throughout the video's so if you would just turn off your sound, I'd appreciate it!




Rebecca said...

Sooo funny. I agree with your decision about not letting her wrestle though... yikes.

Chy said...

GEEZ! That girl can hold her own! Yeah, I still dont think its the right sport for her... I'm not so sure Roudy will think its cool when she is 16 and all the other werstlers are groping-sp? her while in a match. Befoer we moved to Dayton I had a girl in my mia made class that wrestled AND played football. She is a very huggy girl and everytime I got a hug I felt like it was a "MAN HUG"...a little weird for me, but she was a GREAT girl.