Monday, October 20, 2008

A Great Weekend

Roudy came home early from hunting so we decided to do something fun with the kids. I wanted to take the kids to a corn maze (where our journey began) but there aren't any corn mazes for 300 miles. I did find a Straw Maze in Rexburg, so that's where we headed. It was fun for the kids, but not nearly as challenging as a corn maze. We got through the first time in about 10 minutes. Then we decided to go backwards and that took a few minutes. So, we decided to get our money's worth and go through 1 more time. By that time it had gotten late enough that kids in costumes were hiding throughout the maze scaring people and the kids thought that was pretty fun. However, we couldn't find our way out this time! We took a wrong turn somewhere and kept going in a dead end circle. Finally, after about 45 minutes, we found our way out.

Me and My Love at the Straw Maze The Kiddos at the Straw Maze

I've taught him well! Jaxon had to pee really bad but he said "I'd rather pee my pants than use one of those port-a-pottys!" Atta Boy......
Have you ever seen a cuter bum? Like Father, Like Son...
And notice Jordyn peeking? Like Mother, Like Daughter.......... :)
On Friday night my mom had a fun little Halloween party for the grand kids. First we went to Arctic Circle for dinner, then headed to grandma's for some fun. They painted pumpkins, went on treasure hunts, played "pin the nose on the pumpkin", and even had a fishing pond. The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven!

Jaxon and his prized pumpkin
Jordy and her pumpkin
Trason painting his pumpkin (and being naughty, as usual!)
Jaxon playing "pin the nose on the pumpkin." Notice he's putting his sticker EXACTLY where it's supposed to go? What a cheater.....Like father, Like son...... :)


Murray Family said...

What a great picture of you and Roudy! Glad you had fun at the straw maze. And what a fun party your mom had for the kids. She went all out! I'm sure they loved it :)

Ryan and Krystal said...

How fun! You just need to drive to Logan. 150 miles away and you will find 3 corn mazes :) It was so good to see you over the weekend. You look great. Next time I am in town we will have to do lunch and catch up!

Chy said...

That was a cute little bum! Looks like lots of fun at your house, glad Roudys home;0)